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Are your pools running?

Our client pools are all running and inspected - right in time for the Memorial Day weekend! We manage 30 pools each year without incident, is your management firm behind in opening your pool? Give us a call!

Shawmut to oversee 1.6 million dollar capital project - BOSTON

Shawmut Property Management LLC, will begin a large scale capital project at one of our client sites in June of 2012. The scope of the project will include installation of a new facade for two large buildings and structural renovations to exterior balconies. Negotiations are underway with several contractors and the management team. The Board and management are working hand in hand with a structural engineer and architect to ensure the project goes as planned.

Working closely with a local lender, Shawmut was able to obtain a loan for the community to move forward with this project. In working with the Board, Shawmut placed a site manager who has extensive construction knowledge to assist in overseeing the project day to day.

With our call-blast and property notification systems, along with dedicated site staff - Shawmut aims to limit the inconveniences to the property during this project. We are pleased to begin work on this high profile project and look forward to a great outcome for our client!

Preparing for winter

A critical part of yearly maintenance is ensuring your property is ready for winter. As snow approaches we are working hard to:

- Final fertilization treatments and grade stakes - Checking on landscaping vendors and final cleanup of leaves and branches - Button up any last minute exterior projects - Clearing gutters and downspouts - Clearing catch basins - Making sure exterior lights are timed correctly

Each property has different needs when preparing for the winter, at Shawmut you can rest assured your valuable investment is being handled with the utmost care!

Halloween Snow?

In New England we must always be prepared for crazy weather, but recieving 10 plus inches of snow in October? Shawmut Property Management had crews out all weekend dealing with down trees. Many of our communities had damage to landscaping as a result of the heavy, wet snow. We removed the trees and cleared all exits to each community promptly.

Each community snow vendor did an excellent job on clearing this very early snow event! Many of our residents wrote in over the weekend to express their thanks for a job well done!

Cleaning up!

Our crews are working to restore order to affected client sites, some sites experienced downed trees and flooding and others had no damage at all!

Exterior Painting Schedule

Many older complexes are wood clapboards and paint and as such require frequent painting. Shawmut had taken over a complex in the Merrimack Valley that was only painting one building per year and as such, many of the buildings had increased rot. Over the past two years we worked with the Board to increase painting to two buildings per year with a reasonable carpenty budget. This new program not only increases curb appeal but it fits into a responsible budget!

Right now we are painting two of the larger buildings in the complex. The homeowners are thrilled!

Capital Project - Boston

Shawmut will oversee a roof replacement at a prestigious Boston Condominium. Working with the Board's engineering firm Shawmut will replace the entire roof in the span of 1-2 months while limiting the disruptions to the residents of this building. Residents will receive updates from our phone blast system as well as the online website.

As with other large scale projects, we will post photos of the project as it moves along.

Earth Day - Recently completed energy savings program

Each Earth Day is an opportunity to launch new ideas for improving our environment and to reflect on our previous years efforts to make our environment better. Although many projects come to mind, one important project completed by Shawmut Property Management in the previous year was the conversion of one of our client's out dated fluorescent common hall lights to stylish LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights.

Faced with budget constraints, this community had been unable set aside the money to improve their common halls aged appearance. The LED fixtures installed by Shawmut's on staff electrician accomplished both. The fixtures updated styling has brought a great new look to the common halls and the installation is producing considerable energy savings. The savings from the more efficient lighting are being used to freshen up the common halls and ceilings with a coat of low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint.

Conserving energy and saving money is not a new idea. Twenty years ago, the original incandescent fixtures had been retrofitted to fluorescent lamps to save energy. Although this was an improvement, the fixtures now looked out dated and the fluorescent lamps contain a small amount of mercury requiring special disposal practices for the bulbs that were frequently burning out.

The old fluorescent lamps were 22 watts and operating continuously. Based on an energy cost of 15.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, the operating cost of all the lights was $3800 annually. The LED light fixtures installed by Shawmut are rated 15 watts each. The annual operating cost for the new LED Lights was $2600 – a savings of $1200 annually.

Above and beyond the energy costs, there is the cost to replace bulbs as they burn out. The old fluorescent lamps had a rated life of approximately 9000 hours meaning they have to be replaced annually at a cost of about $600. The LED lights have a rated life of 85000 hours (approximately 10 years). Annual replacement savings are $1800.

Major Capital Project 2011

Shawmut will oversee a 1.5 million dollar elevator replacement project for a client in Massachusetts. The project consists of dual car replacement and full electrical upgrade. The project is slated to begin in the summer of 2011. More information as the project develops.

2011 Capital Projects Update

Shawmut Property Management will oversee a large scale roof replacement and deck rebuild for a 80 unit complex in Andover, Massachusetts. The project includes a full roof strip and rebuild to engineer specification and the removal and replacement of cantilevered decks with a composite product. Shawmut Property Management will be working with Burns and Associates of Portsmouth New Hampshire to complete this project.

In addition to day to day oversight - Shawmut worked with the Board of Trustees to engage a local lender for project funding. Shawmut completed the entire application process in 45 days and the loan was closed within 60 days of the initial project start. This project will replace major components that have leaked in the past few years and add a tremendous value to the community. Construction is slated to begin in June of 2011.

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